About Us

Company CORRECT was founded in 2005

The company is registered in Food and Veterinary Office, and with it manufactures food supplements, packing, processing, wholesale and retail.

From 2011. The company has become an official representative of Russian Academy of Sciences in EU and USA.

As a first product made by Russian Academy of Sciences in 2012 SIA Correct started to offers wild reindeer velvet antler extract „Epsorin” in the European market.

SIA Correct is an owner of the a European Community’s and USA’s trademark „Epsorin”.

Company’s goal –improve health and life quality of people, ensuring access to a unique, qualitative and effective natural origin production.

Our details:

LV 40003739106
Jelgava 74, Rīga LV-1004


Account: LV83UNLA0050006067483

Swedbank, SWIFT: HABALV22
Account: LV32HABA0551037014738

Paypal account: sales@epsorin.com