Bone health

Epson helps maintain bone health and also stimulates normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
Epsorin contains animal origin vitamins D and K, which help maintain bone health and also stimulates normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Epsorin also helps bone cell regenerating processes.ES approved health claim. Regulation Nr. 432/2012 Entry numbers in a consolidated list, which have been submitted for evaluation in EFSA: 152, 157, 215, 150, 151, 158, 350, 123, 127, 128, 2879.

Normal level of calcium
– only 30% people

When bone density measurements (densitometry) were done in Latvia only 30% had a normal bone density.

If the calcium level in the blood is under 2,1mmol/l,theperson has hypocalcaemia.

In the long term lack of calcium in the blood can lead to:

    • Sensitive teeth;
    • Dull and grey face;
    • Fragile and unhealthy hair and nails;
    • Muscle exhaustion, debility and fatigue;
    • Porous bone disease (osteoporosis), as well as rickets, arthritis, high blood pressure, back pain, insomnia, eczema, asthma, elevated cholesterol levels, colitis, headache, kidney stones and other diseases

But that doesn’t mean that the rest 70% doesn’t consume products which contain calcium, they just don’t consume enough. The main problem is in that the body discharges calcium because regulation processes of calcium amount are disturbed.

Epsorin can help you fight this problem.

Threat of the century
– osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one the most common diseases all over the world because it affects every third woman and every eight men after 50. Furthermore, every second woman and every third man after 60 due to osteoporosis break a bone.

The only way how to protect yourself from osteoporosis and other diseases linked to calcium deficiency is to take care of your calcium level in the blood.
Only people themself are responsible for their retirement years- they will need to use a walking stick or they will have a proud posture and healthy joints.

Epsorin formula

Reindeer velvet antler BAS formula is precisely transferred to the extract, which contains more than 90 biologically active substances, they are in a perfect balance and proportions to achieve a maximal effect.
Why is it important?
In human and animal body exists a complex of biologically active substances (BAS), which within the normal range, in a balanced way, interact with our cells and organs. This balance is achieved by self-regulation of all components. Usually, while making medical preparations, the most active components are separated from the natural complex, that way becoming a base for a new preparation. But research shows that if the natural component and BAS proportions are maintained, more intense and diverse effect can be achieved while treating diseases.