Reindeer velvet antlers

Velvet antlers are new reindeer antlers in a pre calcified stage.

Due to their structure, they sometimes are called velvet antlers. In calcified, old antlers only calcium can be found, but in new antlers – vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other biologically active substances.
From ancient times until now, one of the most important raw materials in traditional eastern medicine has been deer.

It has been said that the king of the plants is ginseng, but the king of the animal world are velveted antlers.

The velvet antlers are the only mammalian organ whose growth speed is 2 mm in 24 hours. That explains the huge amount of biologically active substances and their concentration in velvet antlers. Preparations made from velvet antlers are the most effective and safest adaptogen in the world.

Velvet antlers are also unique with that while collecting them, animals aren’t killed, tortured or exposed to health risks. The gathering of antlers is similar to sheep shearing. Velvet antlers are the only natural way that people can consume all essential animal origin biologically active substances without killing the animal.

Velvet antlers have an immunomodulatory, antioxidant and toning effect.

There are 90 different biologically active substances in reindeer antlers, protein compounds, and substances which increase energy in a pure and natural way. And most importantly, they are necessary not only in instances of diseases, but they also have a preventive and toning effect on a healthy human being.

Adaptogens in comparison with simulators don’t tire the body.

When using the product, fear, negative emotions and insecurity disappear, mood and overall esteem improves, alertness and optimism increases, workability and physical and mental state returns faster in asthenia and burnout situations.

Eastern medicine most commonly recommends velvet antler preparations for:

  • Rejuvenating the body;
  • faster healing of wounds and bones;
  • faster recovery after operations;
  • strengthening bones and tendons;
  • sugar and cholesterol control in the blood;
  • improving liver, pancreas, and, stomach and other organ function;
  • stimulating and rejuvenating sexual activity.

Influence of epsorin

The european union approved health claims Cell regeneration Epsorin’s influence on cell division is ensured by animal origin natural vitamins D and B12. Special emphasis should be put on Epsorin’s influence on liver cell regeneration…

Epsorin composition

All components are obtained only from one, absolutely natural and ecologically clean raw material – reindeer velvet antlers of Yakutia.