Where to purchase epsorin

Epsorin can be bought all around the world, we provide it online or with the help of our partners:

Don’t buy the product from unauthorised Epsorin representatives!
Don’t use the product, if it isn’t protected with “CORRECT Health” holographic safety sticker or if it is damaged!


Epsorin is available in many independent pharmacies all around Latvia.But we aren’t cooperating with big pharmacy networks because we don’t want our product to be too overpriced for our costumers.

To find out the nearest pharmacy’s telephone number, which carries Epsorin:
please call our informative number: 00371 67796699
or ask questionsvia mail: sales@epsorin.com

Straight from the manufacturer:


Just for our costumer’s comfort, we have created a convenient and an operative e-commerce system, which allows you to receive the product for 24 hours, starting from the moment when the payment was done. We ship the purchase to practically all countries around the world.
Shipment in The European Union is for free.
To avoid service quality problems and exclude trade of the product’s forgeries, we do not cooperate with online stores!

Online order form.

Over the phone

If you cannot order online, the product can be ordered over the phone. The telephone number for order processing: +371 67796699.
Product’s price, ordering over the phone: 55.00 EUR
The payment can be made, when the order is received:

  1. Parcel – with a bank card
  2. Latvijas Pasts office – with a bank card or cash
    Shipment via Latvijas Pasts, costs additional 1.00 EUR