Frequently asked questions

Can people with diabetes use Epsorin?
You can safely use it, since Epsorin regulates sugar level in the blood, but we recommend to check your sugar level more oftenly, when you start using it. It is necessary because in combination with sugar level minimazing medicaments it might drop below normal.

I remember that back in USSR there was an velvet antler medication – Pantocrine. How is it different from Epsorin?
After exsisting EU legislation Epsorin is qualified as a food supplement. Epsorin is atleast 40% more effective than Pantocrine or Rantarine. Epsorin is also made and researched as a new generation’s velvet antler medication.

Why between Epsorin courses I have to take brakes?
Because it is not recommended to over saturate the body with biologically active substances. For example, the body is able to use only 1 gram of vitamin C a day, so there is no need to take 2 grams. It is a same situation with Epsorin, since a daily dose is customized according to the body’s ability to use the product. And the effect remains atleast 2 months after using Epsorin.

What will happen, if I drink more than recommended daily dose of Epsorin?
Epsorin has been tested with an overdose of 20 times in labrotory conditions. Pernament or life threatening consequences hasn’t been observed. Ofcourse we recommend to use the advised daily dose.

Why do doctors advise Epsorin to patients with hepatitis?
By reference to observations, in which Epsorin was used by patients with hepatitis, Epsorin can be recommended as an aditional remedy for patients with hepatitis to speed up the recovery process. More active liver function improvement was also observed, which is very important for patients with hepatitis.

Why Pantocrine cannot be bought in Latvia?
Pantocrine manufactories couldn’t fulfill EU requirements in terms of product’s cleanness, safety and quality. One of the main reasons, why Pantocrine cannot be bought, is that nature, in primary Pantocrine raw material obtainment regions, is polluted. For example, Altai region, which used to be one of the biggest reindeer herdering regions, is polluted with rocket fuel and due to that reindeer velvet antler products obtained there cannot be used for health’s improvement and strengthening due to presence of toxic substances. Ukraine’s reindeer velvet antler quality has suffered from consequences of Chernobyl’s catastrophe. Due to these reasons many Pantocrine factories also have been closed in Russia.

Why is Epsorin different compared to other available velvet antler products around the world?
Epsorin’s 3 main differences:
1.Manufacturing process (patented until 2025.), which guarantees an unique content.
2.Yakutia’s reindeer velvet antlers, which are the most biologically active and ecologically clean on the world
3.In the formula of Epsorin, alcohol is used as a conservation substance, which ensures long-lastingness of active substances and transfering to human body.

How fast does the influence of Epsorin can be felt in the body?
Positive changes are noticed on the second or third day. In cases of chronic diseases, tests show improvements in a month. Users of the product notice improvement of working capability, concentration, decrease of stress at the end of the second week.

Does Epsorin help only men in case of impotency or women too have a chance to treat frigidity?
Regarding to Epsorin’s stimulating, regenerating and adaptive effect, men and women feel increase of sexual desire and ability.

What does „preperations effect on a cell” mean?
Cell is being fed with balanced set of nutrients and is stimulated with a help of peptids to use these nutrients.

I live in ireland, can I order Epsorin? Will I need to pay additional cost?
You can form you order on this website, shipping to all European Union countries is for free.

Can smokers use Epsorin?
Yes, Epsorin as an additional remedy decreases risk of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases).

My sister’s husband is a coded alcoholic. Will alcohol’s presence ruin the code?
It can be safely used, but we recommend to dilute it with 200 grams of water. That way it won’t contain even 0,001% of alcohol.

Is it normal that that after using Epsorin for a week I have a really good mood?
Yes, it is normal, Epsorin makes you feel better, normalises nervous system, decreases stress, that way influencing your overall mood.