Epsorin origin


Epsorin has been made in Latvia since 2013.
Product’s manufacturer – SIA CORRECT contact information
The product was produced and patented in Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Division of the permafrost zone Biological Problems (Yakutia).
Epsorin is a registered trademark in The European Union, USA, Russian Federation.
Product’s raw material is obtained in Yakutia. Obtainment of the raw material is provided by a whole field – Reindeer herding. Herder’s main work is to dehorn and set free captured reindeer’s.

Patented technology

Epsorin also provides a unique patented manufacturing technology, developed at the Russian Academy of Sciences. This technology, due to the low temperature during the manufacturing process, allows to extract the maximum amount of active substances from velvet antlers and to maintain their high concentration and quality.
Thanks to this technology, Epsorin contains allot more biologically active substances than thermally processed velvet antler preparations.
In Yakutia’s nature, you can find many biologically active substances, which cannot be found anywhere else.
Epsorin’s liquid content, unlike the capsule, provides a more efficient absorption of the active substances in the body.


Yakutia’s flora is adapted to its harsh climate and has a high biological activity. It’s flora contains high amounts of vitamins, increased amount ofYakutia (Sakha Republic) has an area of 3 million km2. Protected land area is 600 thousand km2. Yakutia’s territory is huge and is comparable to 8 territories of Germany or 48 territories of Latvia.
Undisturbed lands of Yakutia are one of the largest nature’s reserves. Due to the vast potential of Yakutia, the leading investors are from developed countries such as U.S., UK, France and Germany. Yakutia has successful co-operation with UNESCO, UNDP, EU, WOH (World Health Organization), WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and other international organizations.

Thanks to the rational use of natural resources the law was designed for the “Republic of Sakha, special areas of conservation.” Yakutia’s protected land area is divided into zones, where any economic activity is prohibited.nitrogen-containing substances, proteins, soluble carbohydrates, polysaccharides, alkaloids, saponins, coumarins and other biologically active substances.

Due to undisturbed and biologically active nature, Yakutia is a place where to get the best velvet antlers on the world.

Reindeer velvet antlers

Velvet antlers are new reindeer antlers in a pre calcified stage. Due to their structure, they sometimes are called velvet antlers. In calcified, old antlers only calcium can be found, but in new antlers –…

Influence of epsorin

The european union approved health claims Cell regeneration Epsorin’s influence on cell division is ensured by animal origin natural vitamins D and B12. Special emphasis should be put on Epsorin’s influence on liver cell regeneration…