Muscle health

Epsorin has a positive effect on muscle fuction.
Animal origin vitamin D helps mantain normal muscle function, which is also necessary for muscle cell division processes. Vitamin B6 provides muscle cells with protein and glycogen for energy, as well as ensures energy metabolism.
ES approved health claim. Regulation Nr. 432/2012 Entry numbers in a consilitated list, which have been submitted for evaluation in EFSA: 155

Velvet antler extract in sport

Velvet antler effects in sport medecine are already recognized for a long time. They are widely used it New Zealand and Russia.
Research about Epsorin’s influence on athletes is done by RF Sport and physical education scientific research institute.
Research in New Zealand, done in Otago University Sport medecine department in cooperation with AgResearch Invermay, confirms velvet antler preparation ability to improve several components of fitness – strength, speed, endurance – and all that is possible due to muscle dynamics without an excessive mass gain.
Researchers found that velvet antler extract stimulates the production of red blood cells, increases maximum oxygen levels in the blood, speeds up lactic acid – main muscle pain cause after excersise – removal from the body. Extract was also found to have a great anti-inflammatory effect. Everything stated above has proven to strengthen muscles, increase endurance and shorten recovery time between hard training sessions.

Athlete feedback

Ross Machejefski – New Zealand U17 velo champion and member of the national team, states that energy reserves are increased and recovery time is shortened after competitions and hard training sessions, that’s why velvet antler extract is a mandatory element in his diet. Athlete points out the fast lactic acid removal from the body and increased levels of maximum oxygen levels during competition season, as well as during training.

Rob Waddell – Two-time world champion in single sculling and owner of a 2000 Olypic Game gold, praises velvet antlers. After using the preparation for a few months he saod:”Due to this preparation, I was able to endure three training sessions a day easier than before. I hadn’t gotten sick and I was happy about my increased energy levels. Also while using the preparation my well-being significantly improved”.

Hamish Carter – World level thriathlete, says:”After starting using velvet antler extract I got used to being able to recover alot faster after training sessions and competitions. At first I was skeptical, but when I stopped using it daily, in a few weeks I experienced significant negative changes in my form. Without a doubt I recommend this preparation to those, who and serious about their training and take care of their health.”