Normalization of nervous system

Epsorin stimulates the normal function of nervous system and psychological functions.
It is ensured by animal origin vitamins B6, B12 and also thiamin and riboflavin.The positive effect on cell regeneration also stimulates nerve cell regeneration and protects nerve cells from oxidative stress.ES approved health claim. Regulation Nr. 432/2012 Entry numbers in a consolidated list, which have been submitted for evaluation in EFSA: 66, 95, 97, 98, 100, 102, 109

Signs of nervous system disorders

Nervous system disorders most commonly can be noticed by looking at our well-being. Often causes of feeling unwell are searched everywhere else, but the nervous system.

For example a cause for headache, weakness, shortness of breath, sleepiness, loss of appetite and other symptoms can be a weakened nervous system.

Research about epsorin’s influence on weelbeing

Research about Epsorin’s influence on the prevention of various illnesses was done by Russian Academy of Science. The length of the research was 9 months. Two groups of people with similar age and gender were compared in the research. The first group was given Epsorin, the second group was given a neutral, visually similar fluid.

Results of Epsorin’s group well-being, in comparison with results of the control group

  • Impaired concentration -71%
  • Loss of appetite -70%
  • Increased fatigue -67%
  • Weakness -64%
  • Shortness of breath -63%
  • Increased irritability – 62%
  • Sleepiness – 58%
  • Palpitations – 50%
  • Headache – 49%
  • Dizziness – 48%
  • Bad mood – 34%

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Epsorin formula

Reindeer velvet antler BAS formula is precisely transferred to the extract, which contains more than 90 biologically active substances, they are in a perfect balance and proportions to achieve a maximal effect.
Why is it important?
In human and animal body exists a complex of biologically active substances (BAS), which within the normal range, in a balanced way, interact with our cells and organs. This balance is achieved by self-regulation of all components. Usually while making medical preparations, the most active components are separated from the natural complex, that way becoming a base for a new preparation. But research shows that if the natural component and BAS proportions are maintained, more intense and diverse effect can be achieved while treating diseases.
Epsorin in the human body works at the cellular level; the effect can be felt in practically all of the body’s systems.

Normalization of immune system

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Skin health

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Cell regeneration

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